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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Important to Us

At SMC Terminus Group, Inc., (herein referenced as “Terminus”), we understand that our relationship with you is based on trust. This is reflected in everything we do, including the manner in which we handle our client’s non-public personal information. The following disclosure explains what personal information we collect, what we do with that information and the steps we have put into effect to protect the non-public personal information you have entrusted to us.

Information We Collect
From time to time, we gain access to your personal information through:

  • Our interaction with you on the telephone, in person or through e-email
  • Account Applications or other forms you complete
  • Transactions in your accounts or on your behalf
  • Our website or the websites of our affiliated companies
  • Trading tools or other information tools we may make available to you
  • Third parties with whom we deal, such as consumer -reporting agencies, to verify information we   receive from you and your credit worthiness

It is the policy of Terminus' businesses that collect U.S. Social Security numbers in the course of business to:

  • Protect the confidentiality of such Social Security numbers;
  • Prohibit the unlawful disclosure of such Social Security numbers; and
  • Limit access to such Social Security numbers.

Information We Disclose
It is Terminus' policy not to disclose any of your non-public personal information to third parties without your consent, unless those parties are providing services or support to us and have agreed to keep your non-public personal information confidential. Examples of these parties include the company we use to clear our securities transactions, prepare and mail your account statements or to perform our internal auditing. Even if you cease to transact business with Terminus, we will continue to apply the same protections to your non-public personal information as we did when you were an active client.

Protecting Your Information
Terminus protects your non-public information from access by third parties by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. We limit access to your information to those employees who are trained in the proper handling of non-public client information and who need access to the information to perform their job functions.

For more information, to find out what personal information of yours we have collected, or to update your personal information, please contact a Terminus representative at 404.418.5211.