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“Our Work is the Presentation of Our Capabilities.” Edward Gibbons

Our success is focused on the clients we serve and is reflected in the value-added benefits we achieve for each of our clients. We strive to deliver results that matter and exceed the financial expectations of our clients.


Ionic Security  Ionic Security, Inc.

In February 2012, Terminus utilized its capital to make a direct equity investment in Ionic Security, Inc., (formally Social Fortress). We participated in the initial corporate funding of convertible preferred stock with other investors totaling up to $2 million.

Founded in 2011, Ionic Security enables the use of cloud services by protecting sensitive data anywhere it travels and wherever it resides, whether on the corporate network, in the cloud or on mobile devices. The first unified data security platform of its kind, Ionic Security takes a comprehensive approach to securing data in today’s borderless enterprise by providing access control, intellectual property monitoring, data encryption and policy management, without proxies or gateways or changes in user behavior.

As a start-up technology company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia we had the opportunity to have a hands-on evaluation of the management team and advisors, technology platform and proprietary solutions, and the overall market potential. Our investment reflects a long-term commitment to a fundamental belief in the technology solution developed and the strength of the management team. Since our initial investment, Ionic has received additional equity funding from notable firms including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Technology Operators.

Meag Power Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia

In June 2013, Terminus completed a structured project financing for MEAG Power to fund major public power improvements for one of its member participants, the City of Doerun. The project is notable for Terminus because it fully reflects our ability to identify a need, develop a financial solution, and to contribute our capital and resources to meeting a client’s objectives.

MEAG Power is public corporation and instrumentality of the State of Georgia. It was created for the purpose of owning and operating electric generation and transmission facilities to supply bulk electric power to 48 cities and one county (the , “Participants”) within the State of Georgia pursuant to separate power sales contracts with each Participant.

MEAG management recognized the need for its member Participants to maintain, improve and expand their individual power infrastructure necessary to deliver consistent service to the communities they serve. Our shared goal with MEAG was to develop a tailored program that provided consistent, market-based, access to capital to meet the infrastructure needs of its members. The final funding mechanism also had to adhere to the legal framework of MEAG, the State of Georgia and, potentially, federal tax law. The success of the inaugural transaction completed for MEAG (the City of Doerun Project) was the result of significant teamwork and coordination of all transaction stakeholders. Terminus successfully secured project funding utilizing a combination of the national public markets and internally committed capital. Our firm committed in excess of 20% of the overall project costs and the remaining portion was allocated within our retail and institutional distribution network.

Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority (Philips Arena)

http://london2atlanta.com/atlanta/images/atlanta-philips-arena.jpgIn 2010, Terminus served as the financial advisor to the Authority, the City of Atlanta and Fulton County to negotiate debt and operating agreements with the Atlanta Spirit, owner of the NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks, and the National Basketball Association. The public-private partnership between the municipal stakeholders and the NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks serves as a national model for other markets seeking to create a “win-win” platform for taxpayers and sports franchises.

Terminus was successful in negotiating all major agreements with the stakeholders that resulted in the refinancing of $123 million of taxable revenue bonds, an agreement that maintained the presence of the NBA franchise in the City of Atlanta, and the modernization of operating documents that reflected the current economic environment.

Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority

Since 2010, Terminus has served the sole senior investment bank to the Hospital Authority, Grady Health Systems, and Fulton County in restructuring debt obligations and legacy investment contracts totaling more than $200 million. Terminus was able to develop and implement a plan to take advantage of a significantly favorable interest rate environment that resulted in direct savings. The series of transactions were completed utilizing a combination of privately placed and syndicated short-term notes and loans and publicly marketed securities. As a result of our willingness to lead the syndicate lending effort and commit capital when necessary, we were able to streamline the closing process and negotiate major covenants directly with all parties.

  Birmingham Water Works Board

Since 2008, our Firm and members of our team have been involved in more than $700 million of public offerings for the City of Birmingham’s major water utility and one of the nation’s top five utilities. We have served in varying capacities including senior managing investment bank and financial advisor. During this time period we have participated in all aspects of the utility’s operating environment. Our comprehensive approach to serving BWWB emanated out of our belief that to meet the needs of our client and the respective stakeholders of BWWB, we had to understand their business as well as we understood our business. The development and implementation of strategic debt management initiatives is fundamentally a proactive planning process that evolves from capital programming, revenue forecasting, and other operational metrics that must be considered. Our unique approach and partnership with the utility has yielded significant benefits to BWWB and its stakeholders.

Since 2008, we have identified and produced savings in excess of $30 million by utilizing our internal debt portfolio analysis program. These savings were subsequently utilized to offset future rate increases and to assist the client in making additional improvements to its capital improvement program. We have also had a great deal of success in presenting BWWB to the national credit rating agencies to receive periodic credit upgrades. As a result of the process, our client has continuously earned upgraded credit recognition. The utility continues to be positively cited for its consistent operating results, improved governance, and its commitment to maintain the quality of the overall utility system.